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Projects and special stuff:

Welcome to our in-depth news & happenings page.  It's here that we'll post detailed information of the "what's, up", special events, projects and things we think are important.  For daily updates of what's happening at Entabeni, follow the link to our Facebook page & click the "like" button to add us to your newsfeed.

Risk management:

At Entabeni we always try to be relevant, current and to the lead the field of outdoor education in South Africa. Over the past few years we have been looking very carefully at safety standards and issues around risk and risk managment. We are happy to announce that we have chosen to align ourselves with British health and safety standards as these are probably the most rigorous in the world. We have voluntarily committed ourselves to comply with the standards as oultined in by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) and in British Standard 8848 for Overseas Expeditions. This means that all of our activities have been thoroughly risk-assessed, that we have written procedures and policies for risk managment, and that we take care in providing an adventurous experience while minimising the objective risk to our clients. for more on risk management have a look at our article in the upcoming Independent Education magazine.http://www.ieducation.co.za/