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 Although it covers only about 1 % of the world’s land surface area South Africa is home to 10% of the world’s species of plants and animals.  From dune desert to sub-tropical forests, from snow-capped mountains to golden beaches, South Africa has it all!  This tip of Africa has one of the longest and most interesting human histories of any country on the planet, from the first human beings to Apartheid and a miraculous liberation.  Add to this 11 official languages, twenty-something ethnic groups, the most democratic and humanitarian Constitution in the world and a reputation for being a seriously friendly place, a visit to South Africa is never forgotten.

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 Explore the natural and cultural diversity of South Africa with energetic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable Entabeni guides.  Entabeni Explore offers fun-filled, adventure-packed voyages of discovery of this many-coloured land from the Fairest Cape to the Zulu Kingdom.  Entabeni Explore is exclusively for 15 – 20 year old adventurers. 

 Entabeni Explore aims to broaden horizons by exposing explorers to real situations, with real people.  Although the focus is educational, there is ample fun & adventure.  We don’t lecture – we do!

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Entabeni is a registered Tour Operator and has world-class safety standards.